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Meditrack Cubicle Curtains

Meditrack Cubicle curtains competes the neatness offered with hospital cubicle track system. Meditrack hospital cubicle curtains are factory made and constructed from different woven fabrics stitched together. The top portion of open mesh of the curtains is required. The suggestion for mesh is open allowing for lighting and ventilation purpose. The standard is found in major code and guidelines of mesh around the world. The lower portion curtain is to ensure patient privacy.

Stain Retardant Cubicle Curtains : -

Our Stain retardant curtains, though not in here and offers stain retardant qualities essential to ward of normal stains that they are imposed to, they came with qualities of water and stain replicate that will give you lasting value of its users.

  • Meditrack stain proof curtains are economical versatility and very attractive.
  • Available in verity of clore and designs.
  • It comes with rust proof SS Garments on centers.
  • Available in different designs and more than 7 different colours and 5 designs.

Roof suspender made of aluminium with white powder, where fitting to suspended to ceiling, comprising suspension tube and top and bottom hangers.

A Cubicle numbering system is an essential requirement and also is great benefit, Meditrack numbing system is planned to fit almost all types of Meditrack cubicle curtain track, with the makes simply feature over the track at the front of each cubicle track at the friend of each cubicle, where they are readily visible from all angles even when curtains are closed.

Cubicle Track System Technical

Antimicrobial & Flame Retardant Curtains : -

The term antimicrobial refers to broad ranges of technologies that can provide varying degrees of protection for textile are prominent features of the Trivia range of control bacteria, fungi, mould, mildew and algae and the problems of deterioration, staining, odors and health concerns that they cause.

  • Destroys bacteria on contact.
  • Preventing cross infection.
  • Air filtration – acts as a filter as air circulates around the patient.
  • Repels stains and reduces washing and maintenance costs.
  • Anti fungal properties to control the problems of bacteria, fungi, mould, mildew and algae.
  • Effectiveness even after 100 washes.
  • Contributes to the reduction of transferring bacteria.
  • Greater safety against infection.
  • Increasing / improvement of hygienic standard.
  • Keep fabrics looking fresh, clean and bright.
Cubicle Track System instal

Fabrics that burn easily can be treated with a topical chemical compound that makes the fabric resistant to flame. Instead of burning quickly, the compound reacts with the natural gases and tars in the fabric, changing them to carbon char and slowing the rate of burn.

Unlike treated fabrics our fire retardant fabrics comes with inherent properties. This because of the fiber used in the Meditrack fire retardants curtains is made from the fiber wherein the chemical structure of the polyester fiber that it has in the shape of a organic compound where flame retardants properties are firmly anchored in the fiber protecting it from external agents.

In comparative terms, only very slight amounts of toxic fumes develop in the event of a flame. This is particularly important since in a flame. The danger of suffocation fumes is greater than the risk of injury from flames.