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Meditrack Cubicle Track System

The Meditrack cubicle track system is an inevitable fixture in hospital wards especially with the increasing awareness of patients about their hospital privacy rights and is in use in many hospitals. Strong rigid high grade aluminum track section and free running roller wheel curtain hooks are designed to give years of trouble free services. Meditrack cubicle track system virtually maintenance free. Meditrack is now firmly established as a leading brand of cubicle track, due to its unique blend of properties – innovative design, practical effectiveness and rugged reliability.

  • Premium quality track system giving long term reliability.
  • Cost-effective and maintenance-free.
  • Available in white powder-coated or silver anodized finish.
  • Strong attractive aluminium profile-able to span 3m.
  • Roller wheel curtain hooks as standard.
  • Every track is fitted with a curtain removal point.

Despite Meditrack’s slim and attractive appearance it is one of the strongest and safest tracks available. The rigid, high-grade aluminium profile will span up to 3m between supports. The track is available from stock in either silver anodized or white powder coated finish, with components to match. Designed from the outset with infection control in mind, the roller hooks run in an enclosed channel, and the flat, channel-free top surface provides no dirt-trap and allows for safe and simple cleaning.

Product Technical Information : -

Meditrack cubicle track system is made of high quality aluminium alloy, choose from white powder coated finish, and we can make powder coating in any of the colours as per the customer requirement.

The wall clams are strong CRC (Cold Rolled Carbon) fabricated with white powder coated finish. Curtain removal point made of SS 304 for simple loading and unloading of curtains and also serves as end hook retainer. And Meditrack runners are made of SS 304 and Teflon material.

Roof suspender made of aluminium with white powder, where fitting to suspended to ceiling, comprising suspension tube and top and bottom hangers.

A Cubicle numbering system is an essential requirement and also is great benefit, Meditrack numbing system is planned to fit almost all types of Meditrack cubicle curtain track, with the makes simply feature over the track at the front of each cubicle track at the friend of each cubicle, where they are readily visible from all angles even when curtains are closed.

Typical Methods of Installation : -

Stability in any cubicle layout is essential to ensure that the installation does not weaken or sag during its lifetime. Meditrack has same of the finest forms of installation techniques to make sure longevity in the system.